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My recent scientific publication:
Architektura informacji a synestezja – rozważania teoretyczne i przykłady zastosowania w praktyce, „Toruńskie Studia Bibliologiczne” 2020, nr 2 (25), pp. 9-28. [EN: Information architecture and synesthesia – theoretical considerations and examples of practical use].

A monograph in preparation: P. Sajna-Kosobucka, Badania architektury informacji na przykładzie radia akademickiego. User Experience i User Interface, Toruń 2022.

My recent conference paper:
2nd Scientific Conference „Digital Ninjas” with the paper: Zjawisko selling happiness na Instagramie – relacje na linii influencer-konsument i architektura informacji profili marek, Academia Social Ninjas Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków/online 2022. [EN: Selling happiness phenomenon on Instagram – influencer-consument relationships and information architecture of brands’ profiles].

information architecture is my leading research interest: I’m MA in this field.

also, I’m BA in Journalism and Communication, and an Administration Technician.

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me, after defending the MA thesis

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women in tech build the future!

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I’m a Global Ambassador of WomenTech Network to support women in tech. there are so many amazing, intelligent women who feel overwhelmed with stereotypes about themselves. They’re afraid of change careers so waste their potential in jobs that don’t bring them satisfaction.

As a woman, I also show with my attitude that one can be active. Apart from WTN, I also belong to several other organizations, including scientific ones: ECREA, IASAS etc. and I am a contributor at DataJournalism.com.

some facts from life:

  • Paulina is a blue belt in Karate Shotokan (5 kyu),
  • she got married to Radosław Sajna-Kunowsky, a scientist – expert in media studies, political and global communication, associate professor at Kazimierz Wielki University. their wedding blog: #SajnaWedding,
  • Radosław built a big family tree of Paulina and him. Tap here to see it.
  • Paulina, in her free time, practices yoga and dance cardio.
  • she is a synesthete.
  • she began reading at the age of four, and at the same age began to play the piano by ear.
  • her greatest passion has always been computer science and voice broadcasting, and during her studies she discovered an even greater passion in science.
  • she comes from an educated family of philologists, teachers, linguists, and doctors.

about Paulina…

Paulina Sajna-Kosobucka, also known as Paulina Kosobucka and Paula Sajna, is an information architect who provides services in the field of IA consulting. She is also a PhD Student in the scientific discipline of communication and media studies, of Academia Rerum Socialium at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

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