information architect – a skill set

Information architecture is a foundation of efficient UX & UI design (Arhipova, 2020);

As an information architect, you should gain skills coming from following areas:

  • Graphic Design – integration of graphic elements to create a communicative whole.
  • Usability Engineering – devising human-computer interfaces that have high usability or users friendliness. It provides structured methods for achieving efficiency & elegance in interface design (Mayhew, 1999).
  • Journalism – verifying relevant information, gathering & sharing news.
  • Data Journalism – traditional journalism activities in connection with digital journalism & the work of a data scientist, followed by drawing conclusions from the data and visualizing it, often in the form of interactive infographics (Kosobucka, 2020).
  • Library & information science – „is the academic and professional study of how information and informatiton carriers are produced, disseminated, discovered, evaluated, selected, acquired, used, organized, maintained, and managed” (Wikibooks, 2020).
  • Computer Science – as an experience in assembling various systems and technologies into one functional whole.
  • Sociology – as study of the origin, organization, development & functioning of human society, laws of institutions, social relations etc. (Dictionary, 2020).
  • Ergonomics – „the application of scientific information concerning to the design of objects, systems, and the environment for human use” (The Ergonomics Society, 2004).
  • Psychology – as human sccience, aimed at understanding human behavior, which in turn can be refined to elements such as explaining, describing, predicting & directing human behavior, as well as solving human problems (Interpersonalnie, 2020).
  • Editing – a set of activities related to the preparation for printing and publication of the text. Taking care of the appropriate substantive, artistic, graphic and typographic level of the published work (Definicja, 2020).

Tasks in which the information architect usually participates:

  • information design
  • interaction design
  • usability
  • programming & technical execution

But remember!!! Even if information architecture connects all these skills, this is not a synonym for: graphic design, doftware development or usability engineering!!!
(Rosenfeld & Morville, 2002).

Sources: mentioned on Instagram.


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